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The expression "Have a piece of coffee" is stuck in my head.

That and Snap saying Rudy over and over again.

This is very entertaining. I love Snap's character in this.

Love it!



Oh wow. That was amazing.

Not the way I expected it to end, but I guess you surprised me there!

Seriously though. This was very well produced. I liked the style of it all, with the colored outlines and how the screen would go from full to condensed. I especially like when it's really dark on the Monday Scene.

The animation was superb. I like how fluid it was, and the shading helped give it even more depth.

I was looking forward to this from the images you had shown before, and it did not disappoint.

You're always one upping your previous works, and this is a shining example.

Keep up the great work, Max.

From a fan of both your cartoons and Wisenheimers,

-Kevin Olson (Calicard)

That, sir.

Was amazing. I am filled with life lessons!

I loved the way the serial killer looked. Just such a calm and happy soul yet at the same time looks super creepy.

A fun flash! Keep up the good work!


funymony responds:


When I wrote the script I had something completely different in mind for the character. My friend interpreted him so well and completely changed the feeling of the script.

He's amazing, I had a hard time not laughing whenever he did his lines!
Voice actors are fun.

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824 Deaths

Sounds like a win in my book. Haha

Frustrating for sure, but a pretty fun challenge of a game.


Pretty Cool

It's a pretty cool concept. The character animation looked a bit funky but nothing big.

The main thing I wanted to mention is a bug where I just started skipping levels until the end.

So yeah that was interesting. It was doing it again right after the credits but I refreshed the page so Im not sure of the exact source.

Other than that it was cool! Keep it up!


Needs a Save feature.

Alright. I really eanted to enjoy this. And I was enjoying it. It's fun, it's addictiong, and it reminds me of Diablo.

The skill points, items, and all that really makes for good gameplay.

But I accidentally hit the close button on the top corner. I started it up again and it was the beginning!

This needs a save feature.

I honestly want to get back into this but I would like a save feature please.

Thanks for making this!


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Love it! Today is my Birthday, and this song is awesome!

Im using this for a Birthday flash!

Thanks for making this! It rocks!


perro-electric responds:

Hey thanks man!

Have an awesome birthday!

A capella rocks!

I love a capella.

And you never cease to amaze me with your audio talent.

I love it. You have some nice a capella skills.

I look forward to more!


sshafty1 responds:





I love a capella. When it's done well, that is. And you, my friend have done it very well.

Great song, great a capella. I'd love to hear more of your stuff.

Keep it up! I love this!

-Kevin Olson (Calicard)

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